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Squees, Rambles, and Rawrs

20 December
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McFly's current venture

~McFly are amazing~

Welcome to juli363@lj.com
Just some McFly fangirl ramblings every so often. :)

Let's talk about McFLY

Credit to douzie

Obviously, Tom Fletcher is my favorite member. I don't know. Something seemed to connect me with him when I met him that night(March 30, 2006). It wasn't his famous dimple, or his nice brown eyes, or his cute rosy cheeks, or his poo brown hair(muwahahaha). I'd probably scare Tom if he read this...

My friend Hget said, "[Tom's] voice makes me feel comfortable, like i'm 'at home'..." And I think she's right. I really don't know what else to add to that, lol... but I do love Tom's voice. Don't get me wrong--Danny's voice is amazingly incredible as well. It's also very different from Tom's. Sometimes I think of Tom's voice as the pop voice, and Danny's as the rock voice. But I think Tom and Danny can do either, and pop and rock do blend well together. I love that they can do that. Then you add Dougie's amazing bass and Harry's percussionisticality in the mix, and omg, you got some damn good pop music. It's hard to not love them all. I guess you could say I'm obsessed. Uh, duh. But it's hard not to be. They're the band I listen to to cheer me up in hard times. Everything I watch and hear from them makes me feel better about the world, and about life in general.

This McSecret explains everything:

Tom Fletcher is 1 of 2 vocalists/guitarists of the band. The other is of course the incredible Danny Jones, alongside the awesome bassist Dougie Poynter and the amazing percussionist Harry Judd.

And what you get is one of the greatest pop bands that ever existed.
This journal is dedicated to them.

Where the lj username came from...
Kat: probably, julia
Kat: julie-
Kat: ew
Kat: A'S AND E'S
Kat: OMG
Julia: THAT'S IT
Julie: lol. oh well. im used to it.
Julia: i'm Juli1, you're Juli2
Paige: haha
Kat: thats not gonna help me
Paigey: what if she wants to be Juli1?
Kat: julia, you're jules to me.
Julia: lol
Kat: and ju is juliana
Julie: WHAT why am i not number one???
Paigey: Seriously. What if she does?
Julie: lol i dont
Kat: shh pretend you do.
Kat: create drama.
Paigey: what kat said
Julie: lol. ok then
Paigey: yeah
Julie: then like i said.
Julia: Then.. then... I'll just GIVE you Juli1
Julia: I'll be Juli85
Tiana: Juli363!

But wait. What is the meaning of '363'?
363 is the hotel room number where McFly wrote most of their songs on the album, "Room on the Third Floor".
The song with the same title is one of my favorite McFly songs. Of all time.

What you'll find in this journal:
-Random Thoughts...
...all about McFly...all by me, Juli363!

♥As always, comments are appreciated.♥

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*term coined by snips_x

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