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329. Anthology Tour Announcement

It has been exactly one year since I posted in this journal. Who knew it would take this long for some kind of McFly announcement??

After the tour with McBusted, there was nothing else to throw at us. They let everything hang. No confirmations, not even 'maybe's'. But for certain, we got a Busted reunion and two new McFly babies.

I put the search word "mcfly" on my feedly account and I got a lot of irrelevant stories pop up. Cute, side stories that involved talk of raisiing families, possible breakup and possible reunite and breakup again, but irrelevant to what we have been sitting idly by for--new music.

And today, they announce a nifty little tour, four cities, each with 3 nights where they focus on different albums each night: 1) Room on the Third Floor, 2) Wonderland and Motion in the Ocean, and 3) Radio:Active and Above the Noise.

Imagine being able to go to only one of those nights. That's a hard choice. Each album is associated with a certain part of my life. ROT3F was my ultimate favorite. Wonderland sucked me in to the allure of McFly, and as the darkest and moodiest album compared to the rest, it actually was cathartic in some of my dark moments. Motion in the Ocean reminds me of the days I hung out and bonded with my online McFly crew, and those days were the greatest. Radio:Active was part of the time I went to England, and went to 3 of the McFly shows. YES. And finally, Above the Noise was.. when I turned away from McFly at first lol. The songs aren't bad in the end.

Just reminiscing now, then. I'm happy for my friends who are able to go to the shows. I'm happy their tour announcement answered the questions about whether McFly were still a band. Maybe this tour is just for them to get back into music in a big way. Maybe they will get inspired for future creations by playing through their past creations.

328. Another Tour Overrrr

McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour (Humourously shortened to MEAT) Recently ended and it sure looked incredibly enjoyable to those who went. I browsed through fan videos on Youtube and read some gig reviews online. I have no doubt The boys put on a good show. They always seem to have so much energy on the stage, and the crowd gets so excited and energetic, so the band and crowd feed off energy from each other for an overall amazing experience.

I could just be talking about shows in general, but MEAT seriously looked like fun. On the other hand, I am sitting patiently waiting for the return of McFly. August 30th is the last show McBusted has announced this year, thus far anyway. Who knows what will happen afterwards. I AM HOPING MCFLY COME BACK. If not, and McBusted announce another album, I will accept it.. but I won't deny that I will be moping.

Anyway, here's a nice McFly tidbit from Tom's vlog: https://youtu.be/heMQEc9qGvs

327. Lo-lo-love them like we do

I am currently digging this song by Ellie Goulding, so I appreciated McBusted performing an acoustic cover! I love how everyone each voice singing respectively fit the part they sang. It was beautifully sung by Danny, Matt, and Tom and it showcased their voices wonderfully. Plus, YES, Danny Jones, YES.

326. Ode to Wonderland

It's almost been a month since my last entry! Not much has been happening with the boys since. The main thing I've been seeing is that McBusted is supporting One Direction in Australia soon. I wonder if it is a popularity thing or a strange role-reversal in that situation. I always thought that the coveted support act is for those bands who are up and coming. But in addition to Backstreet Boys supporting McBusted I thought it was strange to see a band who has been around much longer and a lot more success but was supporting the band following that idolized them (BSB vs. McBusted at Hyde Park/McBusted vs. 1D in Australia). Either way the support act would get good promotion which is always great.

I'm listening to Wonderland now. I guess you can call it during the "dark days" of McFly, especially for Tom. I keep thinking back to Tom's story in the autobiography in how the songs were written, but you can definitely feel the overall mellow, somber tone when listening to the album. I think a lot of the times my perception of the type of music I'm listen to depends on my current state of mind. If ever I'm in a sad place, I listen to this album and it helps me through that place. It makes me really appreciate and feel really grateful that Tom and McFly poured out their emotions and shared them to the world through their music.
This month has been pretty slow in terms of my McFly scope.

There's been a lot of McBusted behind the scenes lately, and it's all due to Tom going vlog happy on "Vlogmas". He's posting until Christmas(which was yesterday). I have not gone through all of the videos but I've been entertained.

My favorite parts so far:
McBusted's Acceptance Speech
Last but not least: A few seconds of McFly

I looked over my last entry and I've noticed the more I listen to the McBusted album, the more it has grown on me. My view on the lyrics have not changed but the songs are so fun to jam/dance to! Also, I'm glad "Get Over It" is the current single. If they were to release a third single, I think I would want "Before You Knew Me" to be it.

My parents and Liz were here last weekend for my birthday. I returned her copy of Unsaid Things to her, which made me sad, but she left the tour DVDs we owned with me. So I'm looking forward to watching those pretty soon!

Here's my favorite thing of the week:
"Air Guitar" Acapella
We need more McBustapella.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! 

323. This journal is a McFly Mix

I've been in a funk this past week and a half so I couldn't be bothered to watch their interviews/performances. Real life anecdote: My coworkers took note of the photo of the man on my phone lock screen and asked who it was. I told them his name was Tom and the comments were, "He's cute!" and "So when's the wedding?" Ahahaha.. perfect time to plug that Wedding Speech of his but I spent all that time instead being bashful about it.

Anyway, I heard Hate Your Guts as well as the generous preview clips on UK iTunes of the rest of the McBusted album. I also discussed some of this whole thing with Liz and some of the McArmy folk. Tessa said that "McBusted is a parody of themselves." I mentioned they are a "fusion of both bands, literally and musically."

After hearing the clips, I've decided that this album is the nostalgic Busted album featuring McFly and their take on today's pop landscape. There are at least two songs that could have been written for One Direction. From a McFly perspective I think these are all songs that I wouldn't want to hear on the next McFly album and am so glad they released songs like these with Busted. Don't get me wrong, I haven't heard the songs all the way through but I am going to love this album. It's like they took the Busted songs that I liked--took the essence of those songs and infused them into this album. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this album. I will be singing along and dancing along to this album and then wishing I was going to their tour. I can also hear a lot of McFly in this album, not just the vocals, obviously, but there's some of the songwriting and the musical elements and the production. This album is out in a week, guys!!!!

Oh, and I've heard the McFly mix of Air Guitar, which is part of their CD single bundle (WHY IS THIS NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF THE UK, BOYS). Still..so much appreciation for that, boys. <3

So I didn't actively search for an acoustic this week but while we're on nostalgia, here's a live performance of Do Watcha:

What Happened to Your Band?????

At first listen, I did not think positively about this song. I missed McFly way too much. I tried listening to it over and over to see what other sounds in the song I could try to listen for that sound like McFly, other than the obvious Tom bridge and the end where you can hear Dougie.

Despite that, I love this song. I don't know how many times I've listened to it. I think I expect more from the lyrics. But it sounds great. I am still listening to it now. They did an awesome job with this song. When I think about it, it doesn't matter how much McFly is in it guitar licks! drum beats! because neither band is meant to overpower the other.

It's just annoying to see those fans spam the guys with bringing McFly back. In a way, it could be Tom or Danny singing the song too and we could hear them equally as frustrated as James and Matt.  What some fans are doing is harrassment and I liken it to online bullying. It's so sad how with the modern world there are people who take advantage of the anonymity of social media and abuse it. It's the type of thing that could hurt anyone emotionally. But of course the boys have been in this business so I'm sure they have their ways to try to handle or avoid the negativity, but that doesn't mean it's not going to affect them.

Regardless, said negativity is pointless and there is no way that harrassing for the return of McFly will bring them back when you want. The McFly name will be back here before you know it. I know they hyped up their "definitive McFly album" only to take an unexpected turn in McBusted lane. I know, I want that 6th album out as much as the next McFly fan. In a small scale I'd say they flaked out on us with that album. And yes, you will catch me complaining about missing McFly. But on a bigger scale I see that it all fell into place for McBusted to happen here and now. McFly are still here even now, no matter how many times you see the articles introduce them as "McBusted's Tom Fletcher." McFly are just a part of something that they believe in and they want to have their fun and live while they're young hullo 1D!

And honestly I am enjoying McBusted and that the boys are out and about having fun. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
This made me happy reading it this morning:

It has also come to my attention that the numbering of my posts are incorrect. There were a few instances where two posts are numbered the same. Even mathematicians can't count correctly sometimes.
Just saying here, when it comes to it, post 363 will happen when I say it will. ;)


320. To-Do List Going through Nicely..

I updated post number 319 with youtube links to McBusted's secret gig with CapitalFM. Sleeping with the Light On is always a gem, and I love Danny in Air Hostess, and even when the whole band is sitting on stools they can't help but jump around for Five Colours lol. Though as I've mentioned in the last entry, I am itching to hear the new music!

Speaking of that, is that how How's My Hair? sounds like, Danny?

Anyway, two major things happened this week, didn't they? First was the announcement of the McBusted Tour 2015. My guess was that the tour would start in April, so I was almost right! Now if only I could go, eh?

The second was this:

The music video for "Air Guitar" premiered today. It was everything I expected this it to be. It looked like they were all having fun jamming together and bouncing along. I love Dougie's Union Jack bass. Tom and his nerd/Weezer/hipster look. Of course the nerd of the band would be my favorite one.

Ahh I love him.. But if this is love, then love is easy...

If this is love, then love completes me..

'Cause it feels like I've been missing you:

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